Canadian Bl d Services slammed for advertisement on gay h kup software Grindr

Canadian Bl d Services slammed for advertisement on gay h kup software Grindr

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Bl dstream donation advertising put by blunder on software for intimately active men that are gay agency says

Canadian Bl d Services says the keeping of a bl d contribution advertisement on Grindr , a h kup that is gay, may be the fault of its mobile advertising vendor.

The company encouraged men to download its GiveBl d mobile software and “put the energy to give life within the palm of your hand. in an advertising that went on Grindr across Canada”

why is canadian bl d services advertising on grindr pic.twitter /7MXEAHs9Oz

But under guidelines that take effect Aug. 15, any homosexual men who’ve been sexually active inside the this past year are prohibited from donating bl d. Health Canada reduced the ban from 5 years to one earlier this season.

In a written statement to C News, Canadian Bl d Services spokesman Ross FitzGerald stated the ad was placed in error by its mobile marketing vendor.

“we have taken actions to avoid it occurring once again in the near future,” FitzGerald stated.

Canadian Bl d Services would not identify the advertising business it claims are at fault.

After receiving backlash online, the organization posted an apology on its site Thursday morning.

It also apologized to users on Twitter whom posted in anger about the advertising.

Corey Shefman, a Winnipeg human liberties attorney who can’t donate bl dstream due to the ban, said the call for bl d contributions on Grindr is offensive. Read More